Valve Modification ring Fitting Tool

  • Used to fit Modification rings.

Valve Modification Rings

  • Rings fit to Sherwood LPg valves allowing continued compliance as required by ERMA.

Regulator – Cylinder adaptor

  • Allows an Argon regulator to connect to a CO2 cylinder.
  • No replacement regulator required to use CO2 on your MIG welder.

Heating Torches

  • LPg heating torches.
  • Various tips, heads, and handles available.

Variable speed control

Gives the operator precise flow controls to help prevent dangerous over filling and product wastage. Whether filling to a set price request by the customer or filling to completion, this pump allows for controlled filling speeds and quantities.

CO2 recovery and recycling capable

Recovering CO2 from fire extinguishers before testing is simple and efficient enough to make worthwhile gains in product margins. Interrupted inlet flow on some pumps would mean purging and restarting the transfer process, but not with a long stroke double acting reciprocating pump. The pump is completely self-priming which saves product wastage operator time and pump damage. CO2 recovery and recycling will increase profit margins by 70-80%, while allowing the operator to promote a green image to customers.


The pump is made up using quality components from suppliers such as Norgren, Swagelok and ENZED. The pump is protected by an inlet filter. Concerns over debris such as thread tape and rust scale entering the pump and causing damage to check valves, piston seals and cylinder surfaces are eliminated with a stainless filter supplied complete with the pump.

Field serviceable

No requirement for specialized tools or specifically skilled technicians for service or repair. Maintenance can be carried out in house reducing costs and down time. Main piston CO2 seals can be replaced in less than 30mins.

Multi position mounting

Horizontal or inverted, under bench, or wall mounting, means that this pump can be positioned to suit any workshop. Valuable bench space or floor area remains available for other uses.


As pictured but inclusive of 230/24volt power supply: $3950.00 plus GST.